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Woman Driver Crashed by Goods Train in Harare (PHOTOS)

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A HARARE woman on Saturday failed to observe the stop sign at a railroad level crossing in Kambuzuma and rammed into a moving goods train, leaving her badly injured.

The accident, which took place around midday Saturday, saw the unidentified woman’s Volkswagen Golf car extensively damaged.

Image: Conical Tower

An eyewitness to the accident, who was also among the first responders, told the Zimbabwe Voice that the woman was taken to the hospital as she was writhing in pain.

Image: Conical Tower

“Onlookers attended to the woman who apparently had her music on loud as she approached the railroad level crossing,” said an eyewitness.

Image: Conical Tower

“Police were called in after some of us had extracted her from the wreckage. She is really lucky to have survived this because the impact was huge and was heard from far away.”

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Watch the videos below:

Source: Zimbabwe Voice

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