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Covid19 No barrier for Stallions Skipper   

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By Kumbirai Mutengo

UNIVERSITY of Zimbabwe (UZ) Geography and Environmental Science fourth year student and the Institution’s Rugby Team captain Ambrose Sakala continues to train amid the lockdown regulations that have deprived  many from visiting sporting grounds , the gym including team sessions while  the ruby season awaits at the end of the lockdown.

The UZ Stallions captain Ambrose Sakala, continues to train privately at his home in Mt Pleasant to keep himself fit and ready for the next segment of the rugby season.

In an interview with UZ Stallions captain Sakala, shared his day to day routine in a bid to maintain fitness as no one knows the day to return back into the rugby field.

Sakala wakes up at 5:30am and goes for a jog around the Mt Pleasant neighborhood in the company of his friends Ray Jamera and Tinotenda Chikwama.An hour between 8am and 9am is reserved daily for an intense gym session.

“Lucky enough we have our small backyard gym therefore training has never been this fun because when schools open we do not have adequate time to session but during this lockdown we even managed to have an evening gym session”.

Training is supported by a particular diet.UZ Stallions captain follows a particular diet every day. He eats two eggs after gym, prepares a protein rich breast for lunch and supper.

UZ Stallions plays both as a university team and a club. This year the team qualified into the Harare top league.

This is not a surprise to many as there is no doubt in the credentials for the captain who was an U23 Zimbabwe Rugby team select and a gold medalist.

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UZ Stallions were promoted into the Harare top league together with XP Horns and Police Defenders

source – Varsity  margazine

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