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Make Your Own Heinz Baked Beans At Home With This Simple Recipe

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Anyone who’s ever eaten canned Heinz baked beans, knows its the ultimate breakfast/lunch/supper companion.

From the tangy, woodsy, authentic taste of flavor and beans, very few have managed to replicate the unique taste found in the baked beans.

Heinz is a fine balance between the actual bean flavor and the thick sauce with seasoning, one doesn’t overpower the other, as with some brands.

Some canned baked beans taste like you’re eating rubber items with zero flavor, coupled with thin runny sauce which seems like an afterthought.

According to the creators of this recipe, it really tastes like Heinz baked beans, it’s so scary and the main advantage is that is does not contain artificial flavorants.

You will need.

Chicken broth, you can even make your own at home by simmering chicken and bones over time until the flavor is extracted and the mixture is soupy.



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Cooked haricot/navy beans or any small to medium sized beans

Tomato paste

Tomato Ketchup



Salt and pepper

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Worcester sauce



Basically you mix everything in a thick saucepan except for the cornflour, leave to simmer until well cooked and the flavors have blended well.

Add the cornflour to thicken the mixture and simmer for a short while being careful not to burn.

You can serve this dish warm or cool and you can totally get creative with it.

You can toss in meat strips or chunks and serve as is or with rice, pasta or bread

You can even serve them for brekkie with toast, eggs, sausage, bacon and and cheese.

Make Your Own Heinz Baked Beans
Breakfast spread with baked beans

Baked beans can also be enjoyed as a salad by cooling and mixing with your favorite dressing.

Yum. – Iharare

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