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Up-close with Biko on #Varsity News

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By: Sharon Buwerimwe

In the past few months, Zimbabweans were introduced to an exciting production; Wadiwa Wepamoyo which is now on everyone’s lips. Varsity News, through Sharon Buwerimwe (SB) had a chance to chart with one of the key characters, Biko, {(DM. Dillon Mafukidze)} who is inarguably the fans’ most favorite.

SB: Thank you for the time. So who exactly is Dillion, May you kindly introduce yourself o the readers?
DM: My name is Dillon Mafukidze, was born on the 15th of June 1997, I’m a third and last born in a family of 3. I have a sister and brother. Together we are being raised by a lovely mother since our father passed on 12 years ago.

I am based in Zvishavane, but I was born in Gweru n I grew up in Harare.  I attended primary school at David Livingstone primary, Shabani primary and then went to Zvishavane High school. Currently I’m in my fourth year at MSU where I’m studying Mining engineering. My favorite colour is black, I love eating sadza and pork, I love playing board games like monopoly. And aspire to be an established professional actor. I’m a devoted Christian and I am proudly Anglican SB: Kindly tell us about the film Wadiwa wepamoyo and your role in the film?

DM: Wadiwa wepaMoyo is largely influenced by daily livelihoods of youth in Zimbabwe between the era of 2006-2013. Biko the role I play is a pillar to his best friend the main actor, he is a dream chaser and a care free ghetto youth.
SB: Who has been your source of inspiration? DM: I don’t think I directly draw inspiration from anyone; however I do look up to other senior actors like Leeroy Gopal and Kevin Hart from the international arena.

Details you may wish to share with the readers?

DM: Well, in order to look up to the character Biko, I had to skip bath every morning during the day of shoot. I used to hide that green bag away from where we kept our costumes because I didn’t like it .But the director always got cross and I would bring it back for shooting. I also have a very terrible singing voice so in my singing scenes I surely knew it was disaster. Worse I had to sing for Chido who has a mad singing talent. It’s the one thing that made me feel really embarrassed (laughing), although it turned out to be so comical in the final product.

SB: Besides being an actor what else do you wish to be?
DM: I wish to be the rich guy who owns a mansion and fast cars lol. Besides being an actor I’m going to be an engineer and a law abiding citizen where ever I’ll live.

SB: Your relationship life? Are you dating someone?
DM: (He laughs) I’m single by design. Really the answer depends on who is asking
SB: Any motivational message to those who wish to be like you.
DM: To young people like me out there my word would be that it’s okay not to know everything and be confused sometimes it happens all the time to me. And to the guys I will say don’t worry yourself too much no one understands women not even our grandfathers. And in terms of careers just do what you love, be happy and live with no regrets.

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SB: With this corona outbreak when are you releasing season two since you left people in suspense?
DM: Season 2 is definitely coming, ready or not. However the date of release is also a mystery to us but all I can say Season 2 is going to be a blast, I personally will give a performance of a lifetime

Source- Varsity Newa

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