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President Lockdown Speech Summary – Whats relaxed and remain banned?

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”Shops and supermarkets should continue to enforce the social distancing of their customers. The operating times of all businesses have been adjusted to be from 8am to 4:30pm.

”The measures currently in place in relation to social gatherings for worship, weddings, funerals, political rallies and other such gatherings, remain in force.”

”Bars and gymnasiums remain closed. Restaurants and food outlets are permitted to open only for takeaways and deliveries.”

‘Inter and intra provincial and district movement remains controlled. Commuter omnibuses/ combis, unregistered taxies (mushikashika) also remain banned.

Only ZUPCO buses and ZUPCO contracted commuter omnibuses with the stipulated number of passengers”

‘Public exam classes within schools and final-year students at colleges and universities must be allowed to continue recognizing however, the stipulated COVID-19 prevention measures. Meanwhile, clear plans of the phased re-opening of schools must continue to be put in place’

”The wearing of face masks as well as washing of hands or use of sanitizers in all public areas remains mandatory.”

”Private sector-run testing and isolation centres are encouraged and will be facilitated in line with the prescribed policies of the Ministry of Health and Child Care”

”Consultations on the phased re-opening of the informal sector are still ongoing. To date, only designated food markets shall be permitted to open.”


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What is level 2 lockdown in Zimbabwe

Lockdown level 2 is a situation where only compliant businesses are operating in Zimbabwe. These business should be able to test the temperature of their customers and to provide the hygienic requirements in the premises. They should also be able to sanitize customers’ hands.

Kombis not allowed to operate

Kombis will not be allowed to operate during Zimbabwe lockdown level 2. Small taxis  are well are not allowed to move unless the driver has a letter that states they are traveling as their business is an essential service.

Buses allowed to operate on level 2

Zupco buses will operate, but with sanitizing, masks and temperature checks performed before they  embark on the bus. Social distancing should be observed in the bus. Law enforcement agencies will make sure these regulations are observed

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Private cars

You can use your private car if you are involved in provision of essential services, going about shopping, and other authorized travel such as going to work

Wearing of masks

All Zimbabweans are  required to wear masks when they are outside. Zimbabweans are allowed to wear homemade masks.

Opening of business, industry and commerce

Industries and commercial businesses are allowed to operate provided they are performing rapid testing, observe social distance and sanitization and hygienic conditions. Law enforcement agencies will make sure these regulations are followed. Those who do not follow the regulations will be stopped from operating.

Business operating hours during Zimbabwe lockdown level 2

Approved businesses are allowed to operate from 8am to 4.30pm. Food and grocery retailers will open at 8am and close at 4.30pm as has been the regulation. Restaurants and food outlets are permitted to open only for takeaways and deliveries.”

Informal sector

The Informal sector remains closed except agriculture & food supply.


Small taxis are not allowed to operate during level 2 in Zimbabwe


Gyms are not alowed to open

Bottle stores

Bottle stores are not allowed to open during level 2 in Zimbabwe

Recreational facilities

Hotels, lodges, game parks, swimming areas and other recreational areas remain closed under lockdown level 2 in Zimbabwe

Churches in lockdown level 2

Churches and gatherings remain restricted.

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