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Apex, My Target

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Paradise and hell
monsters and Angles
White and black
l have seen it all
I have seen the storm
I don’t fear the tide
Because I can face it all
I don’t need to hide
I am raring to go in life
I know how to strive
I have seen the storm!

Face up; no horror
Look towards the zenith
Till your sight can see
Aim for the apex
Move towards it free
Debacles are just a part of living
But like a Brook you move
Untouched by them
Still learning a lesson and groove
The threads of your destiny
Are not woven by desires though
They look for a heart
To go through up and low
The hands that can carefully
Take them such,
that a fabric of life
A pattern of life,
Is formed.
Mixed with colours of sutrife,
But still so lovely so informed,
Presenting a model for,
Many others to feel glee.
Look towards the zenith,
Till your sight can see.
Aim for the apex,
Move towards it free.

Things may go wrong,
You have to be strong,
Things may turn bad,
But please don’t be sad
Have the courage from within
Because you can do everything!
If you want to lead in life
You will feel the pain
Where there is pain
There is also the gain
So, keep your spirit high
And, you can really touch the sky!

The red pen that rejoice

By Taonga transistor Mushaurwa
Aka the Dreamer

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