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“Buy us bundle for learning”

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By Tinotenda Sibanda -Kwaramba

A heartening discontent has risen among the college students following a directive issued by the government to presume e-learning in all departments.

Most students are bitter mainly because this initiative has been put in place without adequate consultation despite the economic hardships strife enough for them to purchase the data bundles for learning.
“We are calling for the government to help us purchase bundle like what happened in South Africa as the internet tariffs are unbearable and compromise our education”, revealed one source.

In addition, the University of Zimbabwe Student Representative (SRC)President Abiona Mataranyika in her interview with the Star Fm vividly explained her stance on this matter said
“Without adequate health standards, it is tricky to welcome this decision”

On her twitter handle she expressed her discontent when the Government imposed this initiative without proper consultation. Similarly Innocent Dombo the National University for Science and Technology SRC President said
“Many final year students are happy to finish their degrees but however the initiative will be burdening due to economic hardships in particular with limited wi-fi and expensive bundles to succumb.

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