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May we meet again..

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Like sunshine n
you brighten my dark lonely days
No more love thirsty
for you quench the fire
charming fragrances
of such breath taking violets and roses
reign my flavoured garden
like its the beautiful paradise
Pure quest of your tempting love potion
Just one more night
may we meet again
my love ….
Meet me in the shadows of your heart
The place only you and I know exists
Take me with you and hold me in your arms.

Meet me in the stars above,
The place the highest goals live
See the light of love shining in my eyes
Meet me at the ocean’s edge,
The place where the water cleanses
Take me to a place of absolute purity
Meet me at the forest’s clearing
The place where the trees part
Where we are sheltered and safe.

Meet me in the billowy clouds,
The place where heaven and earth touch
Dance with me in the sky and share our joy
Meet me on the mountain’s peak.
The place where you can breathe deeply.
Inhale my essence and make it yours
Meet me my love….
Share my soul and be one with me.
One like soulmates
like glue for eternity,
our love vision,
all obstacles we conquer
My every day prayer,
may we meet again.
Dream l could love again
On hold and l still wait
for that day we meet again.

The red pen that rejoice

by Taonga transistor

Aka the Dreamer

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